Ni’ihau residents live a simple life, doing their best to keep the Hawaiian culture alive. Collected from the beaches of the forbidden island and painstakingly cleaned and sewn together is a legacy unique to it's culture. Inquire about an authentic Ni'ihau shell lei for sale, Ask about our unlisted Ni'ihau shell jewelry, Learn more about a designer shell lei for sale, Discuss your ideas for a custom-designed shell jewelry piece, Receive an offer for purchasing your vintage Ni'ihau lei, call me at 808-366-6262 (preferred) or email Sometime in the long-forgotten past of the island of Ni‘ihau, the first shell lei was likely made of colorful shells gathered on a nearby beach and strung on a single strand of twine made of an organic material available on the island. Sunrise . The smallest of the populated Hawaiian Islands, Niihau has an area of 70 square miles (180 square km). It is because of the efforts of the Ni'ihau people that Ni'ihau shells. The South Sea pearls are Tahitian and grade A. He spent 3 days doing that and came out with just under half a small glass jar. From shop MauiPuaLani. An average day of shell picking is similar on different islands. Little is known about life on The Forbidden Isle, as few ever gain access to this largely uninhabited tropical locale. I just stopped by a store in Lihu`e that had some nice Ni`ihaus at very reasonable prices. Legally, this term refers only to shells actually gathered on the shores of the Forbidden Island. Sep 27, 2012 - Explore Kauai Sunrise Shell Designs's board "Ni'ihau Shells (Kahelelani, Momi, Laiki) on Pinterest", followed by 483 people on Pinterest. iː ˌ h aʊ / NEE-how, NEE-ee-how) is the westernmost main and seventh largest inhabited island in Hawaii.It is 17.5 miles (28.2 km) southwest of Kauaʻi across the Kaulakahi Channel.Its area is 69.5 square miles (180 km 2). Although, Poleho can be picked on Ni'ihau, our Poleho shells are. Available with shells from Ni'ihau or Kauai. This Hawaiian quarter, minted in 2008, shows Kamehameha I, the warrior king who united all of the Hawaiian islands, and also includes the State motto. See more ideas about niihau shells, niihau, shells. Jun 14, 2014 - All about ni'ihau shells. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. A Day in the Life of a Ni‘ihau Shell Lei Artisan. But besides the smaller islands of Molokai and Lanai, which together with Maui comprise Maui County, Hawaii is also home to Ni’ihau—the westernmost island in the archipelago and perhaps one of the most mysterious places on Earth.. Opihi – a Hawaiian delicacy. To make some money from the outside world, locals rely heavily on the tiny Ni‘ihauan shell, scattered along the beaches of … Early on, Kahelelani became the first great ali‘i (chief) of Momi and kahelelani earrings in the heliconia style. The restricted island of Niihau, located 17 miles from Kauai, is 70 miles of privately-owned beach purchased by a Scottish widow in 1864. The Niihauans have names for all the variations of shell color and pattern. They are also the most difficult to collect in usable quantities. The Ni'ihauan dialect of the Hawaiian language is spoken here. The gem-like shells can be as tiny as the head of a pin and can only be found on the beaches of Hawaii’s private island. Now YOU can escape to this private Hawaiian island! GENUINE HAWAIIAN 100% NIIHAU 7-STRAND 43-1/4 INCH COLLECTOR'S KAHELELANI SHELL LEI. Cowrie – all different varieties. Niihau, Hawaiian Ni‘ihau, volcanic island, Kauai county, Hawaii, U.S. Niihau lies 17 miles (27 km) southwest of Kauai island. A large amount is sold in stores on the west side and made by the shop’s owner or relatives on Ni‘ihau. Captain Cook returned from Hawaii with a Ni‘ihau shell lei that now resides in the British Museum. Please zoom in to see quality of shells … Ni'ihau also goes by the name, The Forbidden Island, because the island is privately owned. Today, Ni‘ihau sits just off the western coast of Kauai as a bit of a tease to curious hikers visiting nearby. More than 200 … Though some of the shells are also found on the southern coast of Kauai, the luster and shape of Kauai’s shells are inferior to Ni‘ihau's. Beautiful matching Hebrew combined with very hard to find black and pink Kahelelani shells design into Pikake design. OUTSTANDINGLY 381494740030 Niihau Shells and Jewelry. To give you a better perspective of how tiny some of these shells are, the different kinds of shells pictured in this section are also shown next to a quarter from the series of quarters minted with designs honoring each of the states. Shades of colors are often identified as ‘āhiehie (light) or ikaika (dark). Ni‘ihau Shells. See more ideas about niihau shells, niihau, shells. Since Ni'ihau lei are very much a traditional art practiced by mostly only Ni'ihau families - that would be interesting to find out. Shells you won’t find: Ni’ihau. The most prized are the deep reds, hot pinks, and the dark chocolate colored ones. The necklaces tend to be heavy (IMHO), scratchy (IMHO) and the colors are not for everyone either. I recall a few years ago camping with some friends down the end and one of the group spending hours sifting through the sand looking for (and finding the much sought after Ni’ihau shells… those tiny pink and red mini shells that are made into the famous Ni’ihau Leis (necklaces). Buy your's now as they may not be available again. Just a word of caution when identifying Ni‘ihau shells. Momi and kahelelani earrings in the heliconia style. These are the ONLY shells in the world insurable as GEMS, and can only be found on a few select beaches in Hawaii, mostly on the forbidden Island of Niihau. Hearing the story of Ni’ihau shells when I was eight years old, I focused on their cousin shells from Kauai and started to tediously pick these very small specimens and made my first rustic lei when I was ten. However, the term generally refers to three different shells that are commonly used to make Ni‘ihau shell lei:  kahelelani, momi, and lāiki, as well as a fourth one, kāmoa, which is frequently used to add contrasting color. The value of a lei is also impacted by the availability of certain shells. The no cowry shell type clasp could be one of two things in my experience -- either they are older lei (I have 2 lei made in the 1970's, 1980's with no cowry) - or they aren't being made by someone from Ni'ihau. your own Pins on Pinterest See more ideas about niihau shells, niihau, shells. These shells are very unique, and they are found only on the island of Ni’ihau. Ni'ihau is an island off the southwest coast of Kaua'i. Photo from the Hawaii State Archives. A wiliwili lei, crafted with a spiral and diamond pattern, was one non-Ni’ihau shell lei highlight of the collection. Aug 22, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Oh Linda. are highly sought after and valued as such. Legally, this term refers only to shells actually gathered on the shores of the Forbidden Island. Seashells are some of Hawaii’s most beautiful and curious souvenirs that you can find in the most exotic locales (the coastline) at a price that can’t be beat (free). While some shells and shell colors are more common and easy to find, there are other varieties that are extremely rare and a lei that includes these particular shells will jump in price significantly. The perforated cones are from the North shore of Kauai and not often used by leimakers since they are incredibly difficult to pierce. However, the term generally refers to three different shells that are commonly used to make Ni‘ihau shell lei: kahelelani , momi, and lāiki, as well as a fourth one, kāmoa, which is frequently used to add contrasting color.