Avoid giving your confidence even to friends. If the crocodile kills or bites you after chasing you then this indicates that you’re going to try to move beyond your comfort zone, it can also signify somebody’s going to be rather deceitful. That is why it has barely changed at all, because it rememb… In a woman’s dream it is more likely to represent an aspect of negative masculinity. Symbolic of something harmful, an old, lurking, spiritual enemy. 2. Seeing an alligator or crocodile in your dreams is s sign that you should open up and trust others again. The crocodile indicates the mysterious parts of life itself, in fact the symbol is rather esoteric in nature. The crocodile is also an ancient symbol of the deep unconscious mind, aggressiveness, or assertiveness. A dream about crocodile is always frightening, because of their size, aggressiveness and strength. What does it mean when i dream that my daughter is eaten by a crocodile, To see crocodiles in the way to home in dream, A vision not a dream in it a crocodile swallowed someone, What does it mean crossing a river with my friend that has crocodile, What does it mean to see two crocodiles mating, Dreaming of red pepper on your palm with water pouring on your palms, Catching live catfish from a clean river in a dream means, Dream of seeing plenty chicken in my sleep. (2) It may symbolize aggressiveness; or the shadowy world of instinct. She will repulse the ill-wishers, and shut up the gossipers. Meaning of alligator and crocodile in dreams Dream of seeing alligator Dreams of seeing an alligator is a sign if someone hates and hostile to us. We must work through this fear in order to come to terms with physical death. What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a crocodile in the dream? The alligator or crocodile is consistently related to the soul. Forgiveness is always an option in life, if not there when going to be shadowed by bitterness doubt and distressed. See Dragon, Dinosaur. To see a wild alligator or a crocodile in your dream foretells a new beginning or changes in your waking life. While the two animals are different from one another, they both share a lot of the same characteristics and symbolism. A crocodile in the water in a dream represents a person no one can trust, whether he is a friend or a foe. (Alligator; Thief) A crocodile in a dream represents a policeman. They look frightening, especially the terrifying, sharp jaws. If you merely observed him, he’s a warning against untrustworthy associates who are trying to influence you adversely. Crocodiles in dreams are associated with feeling judged, attempts at being more discerning, a need to evaluate someone or something, taking a stand against someone or something, or a representation of your own character flaws. In general, a crocodile in a dream means insolence, sins, a bandit, unlawful earnings, fear and depression. Tamed an alligator. On the long road to happiness we often encounter displeasure. A crocodile in the water in a dream represents a person no one can trust, whether he is a friend or a foe. Spiritually, the dream represents a coming together of power and intelligence. In any case, to see a crocodile chasing you hunting you down illustrates an incredibly difficult task with somebody who is deceitful. Finally, it is important to consider the work of Freud in regards to this dream interpretation, as this dream signifies a warning. Many of our dream visions are symbolical, which causes us to consider them as absurd and unintelligible. It may also mean the end of one's life, portrayed by his drowning. In the dream state, we can be influenced by TV and film and if we look back at cave man times we are programmed to fear crocodiles though our DNA. In general, a crocodile in a dream means insolence, sins, a bandit, unlawful earnings, fear and depression. If you kill the crocodile in the dream then this can indicate that you are going to be committed to the causes which you believe in life. Please note: please also read our meaning of crocodile dream by clicking here. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about something in waking life, a small crocodile normally appears when you have not forgiven somebody. This dream indicates that you need to improve or encourage financial security. Freud wrote a book called "Truth is What Works", which looked at the views on the psychology of dreams. The universality of those symbols, however, makes them very transparent to the trained observer. This dream can also indicate danger in some way. It denotes possible worries and the failure of a project if you are eaten by a crocodile in the dream. Seeing him in water is bad while seeing him … also see Reptiles in Dream Dictionary: Animals Dreaming of a crocodile can imply there is something from our past that we need to be aware of. To see a number of crocodiles in a dream illustrates that there are multiple threats in the future. Enemies will assail you at every turn. As time passes, you recognize familiar aspects of what this dream means, and it is important to develop your personality coupled with strong sense of family values. There are two key dream states that we can encounter, lucid dreaming and prophetic. A crocodile can also represent Betrayal in some way, shape, or form. Killing a crocodile: you are able to defeat a powerful enemy—usually your own negative energies. If you decide not to attack the animal, then seeing this creature is associated with the capability to survive in difficult situations. This idea has survived to this day. Tired. The crocodile tends to be decisive in eating its prey and is connected to the way we gain promotion at work. The hidden features of seeing this in your dream is that you are looking to solve a problem in life, you yearn the freedom of expression, you have the strength to challenge anything and the power for success. It means that no matter what the enemy tries to attack you, they will never succeed. Crocodile thrives in the deep dark mysterious realm of swampy water. This dream is often connected to your feelings. Crocodile dream signifies fear and anxiety. There may be some conflict between the masculine attributes and the female ones, but it is important to maintain some kind of balance between the two. Crying during the dream means you are crying “crocodile tears.” See Dragon. According to 1930s dream dictionaries, a dream of seeing an alligator or crocodile reflects how you feel inside about others. Though we are consumed by our fear of death, or perhaps the death process. This positively establishes a relation between sleeping states and waking states and disposes of the widely prevalent view that dreams are purely nonsensical phenomena coming from nowhere and leading nowhere. Gives gender - specific: In the egyptian story of isis and osiris the crocodile god is said to have swallowed osiris’ manhood. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. To see a cage in a dream indicates entrapment. Alligators typically have a broader, rounded and U-shaped snout, whereas crocodiles have a skinnier and V-shaped head. We may feel we have no control over these, and it would therefore be very easy to be devoured by them. The crocodile spends most of its time in the water, and thus near its primal source of universal origins. Because of its association with religion, the alligator can mean that negative aspects signify a danger which will shortly come into your life. The actual details of the dream are equally important. Crocodiles predict life changes, alert of betrayals, new beginnings, deception, conflicts and problems. Killing crocodile can also represent persistent actions in the future. Most Common Crocodile Dreams: Being friends with a crocodile - Dreaming of being friends with a crocodile indicates inner peace and talking to a friend with whom you went into a fight a few months or years ago. It will be difficult but it is the only way to move forward. The dream indicates stealing and authority. Dreaming of swimming with an alligator Mythological dreambook considers a hippo in a dream a symbol of negative collective energy. Thinking and planning is important in your life, and you may soon become obsessed with seeking answers to difficult questions, in order to understand a greater awareness and ease your life. No matter how well off you are, money just seems to be difficult to obtain. Just to see a crocodile in your dream doing nothing much but lazing around is a warning that someone is trying to adversely influence you about a matter closely related to your happiness or your income. Seeing A Crocodile In Your Dream signifies misjudgement, hidden perils, biggest fears and inhibitions. This plot means the dreamer is in conflict, stressful situation created by surrounding people. Dream interpretations (post 1920s) include: If in your dream you are trying to kill or harm the alligator then this dream is associated with your intelligence. See also Mother. If a crocodile or an alligator was in water or swimming, then this dream represents that you are happy about your life. You need to be somewhat passionate in life. Do you want to swallow up somebody? If you visit a jungle and see an alligator, this dream signifies there is a new beginning on the horizon. It may also mean the end of one’s life, portrayed by his drowning. You seem to be giving into some form of temptation that is going to drag you down. it symbolises a thief who is crafty, sly and deceitful. What happened? Is also connected to our physical attributes of life. Afraid. To dream of seeing an alligator is a dream sending you a message of betrayal and deceit from people you believe to be sincere. Crocodile Dream Explanation — In general, a crocodile in a dream means insolence, sins, a bandit, unlawful earnings, fear and depression. Snail represents delay in destiny, time wastage and spiritual dullness. As with many other interpretations of reptiles, this dream represents the ultimate feminine wisdom, and indistinct feelings, as well as fertility. To see a crocodile in a dream and yourself as the third person, or to view the event as if it is on television indicates that you have the hidden intuition to look beyond people’s personality. The key to success is to try and remove any doubts in life. Crocodile in dream meaning - Crocodile in Dream Meaning - Crocodile is the symbol of free will, self-esteem and energy. If a crocodile is trying to bite you in the dream then this indicates that you have a desire to meet somebody that is going to treat you right. Floating half submerged by the river bank, the crocodile swims in the murky waters of the unconscious, projecting an image of danger with its jaws and an image of hypocrisy with its tears. The crocodile implies deciet or someone who will cross you! Ifone sees himselfeating the meat or flesh of a crocodile, or if one sees himself dragging a crocodile out of the water in a dream, it means that he will triumph against his enemy or opponent. Seeing alligators and crocodiles in your dream might also signify deceit, betrayal or your hidden instincts. Crocodile dream signifies tragedy. The bible says that an alligator is king over the children of pride. Because of their aggressiveness and destructive power, crocodiles meant, according to the inhabitants of ancient Egypt, anger and evil. Anxious. To see a crocodile coming out of the water in a dream indicates that someone will steal from you. If you feel strangely calm and good about seeing such a dreadful creature in your dream, the crocodile possibly represents a strong and influential figure from your waking life. If the crocodile bit you on the leg then this indicates that you are going to find blockages in regards to moving forward in a business matter. In most cases, dreaming about a crocodile or dreaming about an alligator will have a similar meaning. Seen an alligator. If the crocodile bit you on the hand then this is related to work and can indicate some delay or co-workers who are going to be dishonest in the future. 15. It is important to try to use your unconsciousness mind to understand the real problems in waking life. To kill the crocodile by shooting the animal illustrates that you have the strength and the strong interest in uncovering successful business opportunities. On a spiritual level, dreaming about alligators can symbolize the coming together of your intelligence and power. Surprised. Dream about a crocodile or an alligator in water. In general, a crocodile in a dream means insolence, sins, a bandit, unlawful earnings, fear and depression. The crocodile is associated with being a person that steals, they are dishonest and a thief. In general, a crocodile in a dream means insolence, sins, a bandit, unlawful earnings, fear and depression. If the crocodile or alligator chased you in a dream it can suggest your fears in life. Scared. This dream might also signify your healing powers, as well as your ability to balance between your physical and your emotional, subconscious world. The meaning of the dream crocodile depends on what action the crocodile is taking in your dream and/or how you are interacting with the crocodile. Crocodile or alligator, fierce and cruel, is a symbol of mighty and ferocious foe in dreams. We may feel we have no control over these, and it would therefore be very easy to be devoured by them. Terrified. It indicates that you will encounter great luck - beyond your dreams. 14. The crocodile biting you indicates that somebody is going to use you or alternatively give you displeasure. False emotion (“crocodile tears”). Weak. Remember that you need to fight in order to win. It can also suggest that you have the ability to work towards something that will become a success - materially. The good news is, you mostly do not have anything to worry about. If you had a dream of a crocodile and you feel that you’ve taken an active involvement in the dream, even influenced a dream in some way it indicates that you have the opportunity to manage a deceitful person in the waking life. If he catches and bites you then you are slated for disappointments in love and business but if you see the crocodile dead then your success’ will be many, and beyond your wildest hopes. It is important to take any energy released over the next two months and use it to your advantage. (Alligator; Thief) A crocodile in a dream represents a policeman. It foretells that you will be deceived by your warmest friends. If you saw a hippopotamus in the night plot, this means you will meet an influential person in real life. You Should Proceed with Caution. Fears, greed, or passion could literally “swallow you up.” However, with this dream your unconscious is saying that you can withstand these urges. If a woman dreams about the reptile killing, this is a good sign. In a dream where we find ourselves seeing a crocodile, there are many different lessons that we can learn. A dream of a crocodile is a strong warning. The end result of the dream is equally important. Spin my tarot wheel to find out. (1) A crocodile may be a symbol of the ‘devouring’ aspect of your mother. If one escapes from the crocodile in the dream, it means that he will escape from such a danger in real life. What is the meaning of crocodile in a dream | Dreams Meaning and Interpretation We should beware of poor decision-making. Dream about crocodile biting hand is an indication for a blemish in your personality. A crocodile in a dream also represents a thief or an untruthful merchant. Getting bitten by a crocodile: a dangerous situation is developing. Confused. what do your dreams mean, dream symbols, what your dreams mean, dream analyzer, dream translation, interpret my dream Falsehood, insincerity, and deception (as in crying “crocodile tears”). They are strong and graceful symbols appearing in a dream. To kill the alligator in your dream means that you hold angry feelings inside of you. You are dreaming of seeing a crocodile in a cage or locked up. Every dream can be connected to our own reality. It predicts a strong disappointment of your best friends. Someone that is in your circle of friends or family is not acting in a correct manner. The Element Encyclopedia, Copyright © dreamencyclopedia.net - 2020 To be attacked by multiple crocodiles indicates that you should never give up. Liberation from the limitations of the world is symbolized by the crocodile. Independence is important to you, and this dream shows it is time to claim it back.